Crency Solution
Crency is an unique P2P payment solution designed for any business which operates a billing system in which consumers are allowed to make purchase now and pay later – such as credit card bill, phone bill, and IPTV (Cable) bill. If you wish to set up your own P2P payment system as an additional lucrative source of business, the Crency solution will enable you to achieve it with reasonable development cost and in a fast manner.

The Crency solution is provided in a form of middleware designed to be plugged into our partners’ existing systems. The middleware processes payment transactions by exchanging financial messages with a partner’s processing system of which core functions typically include user authorization and billing. As the Crency is an embedded solution, not a stand-alone P2P payment model, our partners are able to operate their own P2P payment service for their customers and to have a freedom of creating their own user interfaces.

The Crency solution’s major features are as follows:

Mobile Phone Number Account

Crency uses mobile phone numbers for account IDs. It is much simpler and easier, especially in this mobile age, than using conventional types of user ID, email address or account numbers. In order to make payment, what you only need to know is a mobile phone number of the payee.

Send Credit

Users may send credits directly from their accounts (e.g. credit card) and the sent credits are addressed to mobile phone numbers of payees. Payees may immediately use the credits earned from payers. Users will receive bills which contain the balance of all P2P transactions (sent or earned) and purchases the users conducted over a certain period (usually a month).

Request Credit

Some users may request for credits from others for delayed payments. This request may be done by sending a reminder message to a payer’s mobile phone. These messages are tracked and stored in the Crency solution.


Crency provides an escrow function which is optimized for credit transaction. The escrow helps prevent risks from transactions occurring between users who are distant from each other or have little relationship.


In association with the escrow function, credit refund is available to payees.

History Log

Users may check the history of all P2P transactions occurred in their accounts anytime they want.

Transaction Limit

Setting credit limit for P2P transaction may be activated in order to control an individual user’s financial risk. Limits can be separately set for sending and earning.

Payment Data Transfer

Crency manages data transfer and routing process between different partners.