Sung-Nam Hong, CEO
Mr. Hong is a visionary entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to inventing and developing innovation-driven businesses. In 1999, he established an e-business consulting firm called eComMarketing which offered its clients business management and customer service strategies. In the meantime, as a passionate investor, he invested in and incubated a number of prospecting start-up companies in technology-enabled new business areas such as e-commerce service, e-payment, and IT solution. He decided to restructure his consultancy into a new venture, Paxmone, with a vision to introduce an innovation to the financial sector.

Eun-Bok Lee, Head of R&D
Mr. Lee, who joined the team in 2007, is the inventor of Paxmone’s Crency technology. Before joining Paxmone, he worked with Udnet, heading the development of a P2P marketplace business. While he was piloting the new business for P2P service transactions, he realized that cash-based payment seriously hindered the growth of the service marketplace. This inspired him to invent Crency technology. His previous employers include LG CNS and GM Daewoo Motors. He holds Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Jong-Oh Kim, Head of Business Development
Mr. Kim formerly served Burson-Marsteller as a senior communications counselor before joining Paxmone in 2008. During 10-year service at B-M, he helped many of international companies to successfully deal with communications and regulatory issues. He also worked with JT International Korea as a corporate affairs director whose main responsibility was to manage stakeholder relationships and regulatory issues. His earlier career was built at the field of marketing communications and customer relationship. His main and present responsibility at Paxmone is to identify business partners and manage the company’s external relationships.